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Christians in Nigeria Facing Severe Persecution

Christians living in Nigeria face some of the worst acts of persecution in the world. At least 13 Christians are killed every day simply because of their faith. 

Jonah and Josephine Gangas are still being held in prison after false accusations. Read more of their story below.

Challenging Blasphemy laws at the Supreme Court of Nigeria

Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, a Nigerian Sufi musician, is bringing a challenge to the strict blasphemy law of Kano State, Northern Nigeria, under which he was previously sentenced to death, to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He was convicted in 2020 despite not having legal representation, after sharing audio messages on social media deemed blasphemous towards the prophet Muhammad.

Yahaya remains in jail without bail while awaiting the retrial, where he still faces a potential death penalty.

ADF International is supporting Yahaya’s Supreme Court appeal, working to ensure that Yahaya is released and the blasphemy law is overturned. The end of this law could save the lives of thousands of persecuted Christians. 

Is God calling you to help? Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will go immediately to help ADF International provide the necessary legal protection to our brothers and sisters in Christ living in one of the most hostile regions on the globe. 


Jonah and Josephine are still being held in prison

Right now, Jonah and Josephine Gangas are being held in prison and denied bail. We need your help to demand their freedom, and to provide legal representation and a solid defense for other Christians like them in Nigeria.

Jonah and Josephine, pastors of an evangelical church in Kaduna State, were asked by local authorities to take in a 12-year-old girl who had run away from home. Jonah and Josephine agreed, and supported her for the next 7 years. During this time, she also became a Christian! But then, after the girl went back to her parents, they filed criminal charges against the Gangases — claiming they abducted their daughter and forced her conversion. Now, Jonah and Josephine need our support.

Converts face Sharia court trials for Christian faith in Nigeria

Hannah, Faith, Elijah and Barbara don’t know each other, but their life stories have one beautiful and one heartbreaking thing in common – the hope found in their Christian faith and their subsequent persecution.  

Despite having faced different hardships in Nigeria, they each found hope in their faith when they converted to Christianity. It gave Hannah strength to care for her two siblings after they lost their parents during Boko Haram attacks in Northeast Nigeria. It carried Faith through her grief after being widowed at a young age when Boko Haram killed her husband and children. It allowed Elijah to survive attempts on his life by his own community when they rejected him for his newfound faith. And Barbara found Christianity after her Muslim husband divorced her and she was displaced to Cameroon when Boko Haram swept through her village.  

The heartbreak came when, because of their Christian faith, they were all dragged before Sharia courts and charged with apostasy, the punishment for which includes the death penalty. Thankfully, their cases were all dismissed within the past six months after ADF International allied lawyers were able to provide counsel in their defense. These four converts escaped the Sharia Court system and its grave punishments. Yet, many others like them still face uncertain fates.

Millions of people have fled devastating violence and have become internally displaced. As a result of the violence, 13,000 churches have been closed or destroyed altogether. Many victims have been kidnapped, raped, forcibly converted or married, or sold into slavery. There is still great work to be done – with God's favor and your prayers and support, we can save many more lives.